Release 1.7.0

It's been a long wait but here it comes again.


You can download yacas from the Downloads page. Please note that not all binary packages may have been uploaded yet.

Release highlights


  • new Product() rules for symbolic products (finite and infinite)
  • improved and extended Sum() simplification (thanks Mikkel!)


  • Ctrl-D exits the console
  • the code is now C++17 compatible
  • new fast memory allocator; should improve efficiency noticeably on MacOS and MS Windows
  • new arbitrary precision integer library; while not bringing any obvious speedup yet, it provides a clean codebase for improvements in the future


  • GUI adapts to High DPI displays
  • switch from QWebKit to QWebEngine
  • MathJax uses CommonHTML instead of HTML-CSS as the output engine

Altogether, 28 issues were closed in this release.


Quite a few people contributed to the release by providing bug fixes, extensions, bug reports, suggestions and, last but not least, pushing me to finally release a new version. Thanks!