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Release 1.7.0
It's been a long wait but here it comes again. Read More ›

State of the Package
One of the priorities of the current (1.6) release was to provide decent binary packages for wide range of users. Even though this was the first time I tried to manually build binary packages for so many platforms, I had known that it’s not going to be an easy task. And it wasn’t. Read More ›

Release 1.6.1
Fixed graphical console desktop integration issues. Read More ›

Yacas 1.6.1 snap package available
Fixed graphical console desktop integration issues. Read More ›

Better. Stronger. Unified › Release 1.6.0 - Grand Unified Yacas
True to it's codename, the release finally brings together the CAS engine library, text console, graphical interface and yacas kernel for Jupyter Notebook. And adds a complete in-browser CAS for a good measure. Read More ›

Release 1.5.0
While primarily a cleanup release, new version brings a few enhancements as well. Read More ›

Release 1.4.0
This is the first release of yacas after moving over to GitHub, license change and switching to the new webpage and new documentation system. Despite all the changes, yacas keeps up as a small, flexible, portable, backward-compatible, easy to use and extend Computer Algebra System that just makes the computer calculations easy. Read More ›

So Long SourceForge, and Thanks for All the Fish. › Migration to GitHub
SourceForge for years has been an excellent resource for quite a few open source projects, including yacas. Unfortunately, for some time now it kept loosing an uphill battle against GitHub. Read More ›

A demonstration of the amazingly fast convergence of Newton iteration
Big changes ahead for Yacas