Better. Stronger. Unified

Release 1.6.0 - Grand Unified Yacas

True to it's codename, the release finally brings together the CAS engine library, text console, graphical interface and yacas kernel for Jupyter Notebook. And adds a complete in-browser CAS for a good measure.

Yagy, the Yet Another GUI for Yacas, and yacas_kernel, the yacas kernel for Jupyter Notebook, previously developed as independent packages, have been integrated into the main yacas codebase. Oh, and one more thing – we cross-compiled yacas to JavaScript and slapped GUI from yagy on top, getting a fully yacas-compatible in-browser Computer Algebra System.

Hence, starting from this release, yacas provides:

  • native (C++)
    • CAS engine library (libyacas),
    • text console (yacas),
    • Graphical User Interface (yacas-gui),
    • kernel for Jupyter Notebook (yacas-kernel)
  • platform-independent (Java)
    • CAS engine and text console (jyacas)
  • in-browser (JavaScript generated from C++ sources)
    • CAS engine with Graphical User Interface (yacas-online)


You can download yacas from the Downloads page. Please note that not all binary packages may have been uploaded yet.

Release highlights


  • simple autocompletion


  • significant issues with floating-point arithmetic were fixed; all users of older versions are urged to update (thanks Adrian!)


  • LDU and pivoted LDU (thanks Yijun Yu!)
  • improved linear system solver
  • Kronecker delta
  • Clebsch-Gordan coefficients

Code generation

  • simple implementation of Common Subexpression Elimination


  • apart from already existing hand-crafted templates for building deb, rpm and snap packages, support for pkg (macOS) and nsis (MS Windows) packages is provided

Altogether, over 20 issues were closed in this release.