Release 1.5.0

While primarily a cleanup release, new version brings a few enhancements as well.

The release should be fairly non-disruptive for the users, bringing some minor bug-fixes and modest portion of enhancements. Nevertheless, distribution maintainers may be somewhat disturbed. Time-proven buildsystem is ditched, documentation location has changed. Please consult bundled packaging templates for RPM, deb and snap for new build description and file locations.


You can download new version from the Downloads page. Please note that not all binary packages may be uploaded yet.

Release highlights


  • autotools-based buildsystem
  • server functionality
  • Java applet (Java engine and Java console application remain intact)
  • documentation in an in-house, proprietary format


  • printing expressions in R-compatible form
  • improved printing of arrays and associations
  • access to keys and head of associations
  • improved unicode support


  • hand-crafted templates for building deb, rpm and snap packages are provided
  • tests are shipped with binary packages

Altogether, over 30 issues were closed in this release.