Release 1.4.0

This is the first release of yacas after moving over to GitHub, license change and switching to the new webpage and new documentation system. Despite all the changes, yacas keeps up as a small, flexible, portable, backward-compatible, easy to use and extend Computer Algebra System that just makes the computer calculations easy.

Release highlights


  • license is changed from GPLv2 to LGPLv2.1

  • ability to protect symbols against inadvertent modification; standard symbols are protected by default

  • preliminary implementation of associations

  • preliminary implementation of basic graph functionality

  • preliminary implementation of rational functions integration

  • preliminary implementation of numerical integration

  • fixed GCD and related functionality

  • fixed Degree() and LeadingCoef()

cyacas specific

  • the package is now relocatable - can be put anywhere in the filesystem without (re)installation

  • FreeBSD port should work out-of-the-box

  • JavaScript port is fully functional

  • improved eficiency

jyacas specific

  • significantly improved efficiency

  • preliminary implementation of Unicode handling

  • apart from cmake, jyacas can be built using ant


  • documentation is transformed from custom markup to reStructuredText; old documentation is scheduled for removal in the next release

  • build system moved to cmake; the automake-based build system will be removed in the next release

Altogether, 98 issues were closed in this release.


Iā€™d like to express my gratitude to Oliver Glier and Adrian Vontobel who have helped to make the release better.